Future Rhinos will be a collection of 9 999 unique NFTs with its main goal to raise sustainable funding for circular rhino conservation impact. A circular approach includes people, planet and youth – one not more important than the other.

The name comes from our goal to conserve future rhinos (the species in general) by using NFT technology.

Why we do what we do

We believe in shifting to a world where impact is just as important as profit across all sectors. Building sustainable and circular impact strategies and designing them with and for people, planet and youth.

The 3 pillars to sustainable impact:


Quotation marks for how we want thriving wildlife

If we want thriving wildlife, we need thriving communities


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Our Goals


9 999 Future
Rhino NFTs

People Planet Youth

Web3 with real-world

What is the story behind the artwork?

Our goal behind the Future Rhinos art is not only to have a real-world impact on rhino conservation but to spread awareness about rhino dehorning. Dehorning is a crises response to poaching and has proven to be an effective approach to safeguard rhinos in the wild. We’ve put together a creative set of rhino characters with whimsical ideas representing their horns. We did this with the hope to create a positive outlook on this somewhat controversial conservation approach.

Road Map


Building the community

  • Form valuable collaborations & partnerships.
  • Maximize our reach
  • Team up with real-world entities that share the same values
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  • WL Launch Date: 27th May 2022
  • Supply: 1 1111 NFTs
  • Mint price: 0.07 ETH + gas


Public Minting

  • Launch Date: 29th May 2022
  • Supply: 9 999 NFTs
  • Mint price: 0.09 ETH + gas


Road Map Phases

  • 20% Sold = Video footage rhinos saved
  • 40% Sold = 10 crypto wallet airdrops
  • 60% Sold = 10 crypto wallet airdrops
  • 80% Sold = Lucky draw to attend a dehorning
  • 100% Sold = Lucky draw to an ultimate safari (see the rhinos in the wild)


Continued utility for holders

  • An investment with real-world impact
  • Rhino conservation & dehorning project reports
  • Be part of the exclusive community
  • Voting rights on future projects
  • Holders may also suggest charities in the conservation space that they want to get involved with
  • Entered into community giveaways such as:
    • To attend a dehorning (a crises response to poaching)
    • Go on an ultimate safari!


OpenSea trade


Merchandise online store


There will be a total of 9 999 Future Rhino NFTs available.
Mint price: 0.09 ETH + gas.
Whitelist members will be able to mint at a reduced rate of 0.07 ETH.

The reveal of Future Rhinos NFTs will happen 48 hours after the minting event. Stay tuned!

You’ll be able to buy and sell Future Rhinos on https://opensea.io/

For NFT buyers, this will not be a donation but an NFT investment for themselves with a real-world impact on rhino conservation.

NFT holders will have voting rights on future projects. Holders may also suggest charities in the conservation space that they want to get involved with.

Holders will automatically be entered into community giveaways such as:

  • To attend a dehorning (a crises response to poaching)
  • To an ultimate safari

Follow our social channels to stay in the loop for whitelisting opportunities, community giveaways & crypto wallet airdrops.

Funds generated for rhino conservation will go to People Planet Youth impact fund, who’s implimentation partner is Project Rhino.

Meet the Team

Nicolene Anley
Impact strategist & spokesperson

Andrew Gait-Golding

Ben van Rensburg
Project manager

Alex Meintjes
Web2 developer, designer & illustrator

Leandra Meintjes
Graphic designer & illustrator

Tobie De Haas
Social media & paid ads manager

Marius De Bruin
Web3 developer

Matthew Teixeira
Web2 developer

Let's team up

Community building is very important to us and we aim to collaborate with other NFT projects to maximize our reach and form strategic collaborations and partnerships. We will also team up with real-world entities that share the same values. Our goal is not to be a once-off project, but to build a strong team and foundation to fuel future projects in the Web3 space that will create real-world impact.